Being a graphic designer sometimes mean you need the best applications installed into your computer, but what if you want to create a very fast poster, Instagram, CTA slogan and much more?

As all of us, graphic designer knows, Photoshop is the first app we think about when it comes to design or make some sketch, and then, there are also other applications like Illustrator, Sketch, GIMP and so on. Now, imagine that web app you can use to make stunning design and then, share them through your social networks; here is the best you can use to do that.


This is the first app I think about when it comes to use a web app to create as soon as possible a social media flyer. This tool contains a lot of free images and other resources from it library; from images to shapes… they are plenty. You can also upload yours owns.

Canva’s editor is very easy to navigate and use. In the left panel, there are the tools one which comes with the Search, Text tool, the Model, that let you choose between different pre-made, which you can edit yourself. Then comes the workspace that is also very intuitive; You can whatever you are doing in real time.

Canva has its own iPad app that let you design fantastic graphic thing like you did it with the web app, nothing changes.


Vectr, like he’s name said, it is a vector like web application and you can create beautiful custom graphic thing in few minutes. With Vectr, you can create your own page which contains your last design and also every level you are working on. Just a little bit like Photoshop, by double-clicking on the level, you can edit it easily.

This web app is very simple to use and comes with some feature like it own social media size pre-set sample. If you want to create your Twitter post for example, just navigate through the left panel and choose that one; so you won’t need anymore setting the size for yourself.

Vectr also gets some vector shapes that you can drag and drop them in the artboard and edit it like you wanted… like adjust the opacity, change the background color, set the shadow and much more. After creating your design, you can choose how you want to share it, through a Vectr given custom link or via Facebook & Twitter; you can also download it into your computer or print it.

For Mac Lovers, you can download from the Apple Store (Mac App Store) the official Vectr App into your machine and work with it.

So what you guys think about these two apps? and have you already use one of them, if so, let’s know in the comments.